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  1. Havit H2575BT Bluetooth Head Phone

    Product Id: 32.471.15

    Tk 1,300
    Model - Havit H2575BT Connectivity - Wireless
  2. Havit H2098D Head Phone

    Havit H2098D Head Phone

    Product Id: 32.471.40

    Regular Price: Tk 650

    Special Price Tk 600

    Havit H2098D Head Phone
  3. Havit H602D Head Phone

    Havit H602D Head Phone

    Product Id: 32.471.03

    Regular Price: Tk 600

    Special Price Tk 500

    Havit H602D Head Phone
  4. Havit H56D Head Phone

    Havit H56D Head Phone

    Product Id: 32.471.01

    Regular Price: Tk 850

    Special Price Tk 750

    Havit H56D Head Phone
  5. Havit HV-H2556BT Bluetooth Head Phone

    Product Id: 32.471.29

    Tk 1,500
    Model - Havit HV-H2556BT Connectivity - Bluetooth
  6. Havit HV-H2561BT Bluetooth Head Phone

    Product Id: 32.471.54

    Tk 950
    Model - Havit HV-H2561BT Connectivity - Wireless
  7. Havit H358F Havit H358F

    Havit H358F Single Port Head Phone

    Product Id: 32.471.32

    Tk 1,100
    Model - Havit H358F Connectivity - Wired Cable Length (ft) - 3.93ft Specialty - Trendy and stylish, while still providing outstanding comfort with the soft cushioned ear pads, Integrated hidden Omni-directional microphone allows you to answer calls

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